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Second Chance vs. Instant Attraction Bundle (EBOOK)

Second Chance vs. Instant Attraction Bundle (EBOOK)

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Welcome to the TROPE WARS. Where two popular tropes are in one killer bundle. 

That spark draws you in. It's a connection with someone. You have to see where it goes. Sometimes that Instant Attraction works out and happily ever after is yours. But sometimes that spark fades or fizzles or dies a painful, tragic death. Then you try again. And that Second Chance is the one that lasts.  

You don't have to choose which you like better because in this collection, you get all ten romances. 

Second Chance Instant Attraction

His Curvy Genius (Book Boyfriends Wanted, book 10)

Back In The Game (Paradise Park, book 2)

Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride (Raise A Glass, book 2) 

Failure (F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves, book 4)

Curvaceous & Captivating (Big & Beautiful, book 11)

Order vs. Chaos (Opposites Attract, book 1)

Wish For It (Better In Bed, book 6)

His Curvy Treat (Book Boyfriends Wanted, book 3)

Finding Home

Husky & Hot (Big & Beautiful, book 7)


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