About Me

Hi! I’m Mary E Thompson. I’m a contemporary romance author of 75+ books. I’ve always been an avid reader and found my calling when I started writing romance. I believe in giving readers hope that romance still exists. The curves and angles on the path to love are part of the excitement when you finally get to your happily ever after. My stories are about plus size women who feel like friends and loving men who are so real you’re surprised they aren’t in bed with you when you stop reading.


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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson spent most of her childhood wishing she had a few less curves. She hid in the pages of books because her favorite characters never cared what size her clothes were. Now, neither does Mary, and she writes stories that celebrate women like her. Real women who have curves, chase dreams, and find love, because we should all be happy, no matter our dress size.  

Mary spends her non-writing time with her husband and two kids, watching too much TV, cheering for her hometown football team (Go Bills!), and hiding chocolate from her family.