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Sealed With A Slap (EBOOK)

Sealed With A Slap (EBOOK)

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He had his one love… 

The love of Sean Young’s life died when he was twenty. Ever since, the only woman in his life has been his daughter. He likes it that way, especially as she breathes down the neck of her teenage years, giving him new gray hairs every day. 

She always keeps her distance…

Erin Carter hasn’t had a family since she was sixteen, but she’s spent her career as a psychologist helping other families have everything she missed out on. Trust, togetherness, and above all, love. 

They are not friends…

It’s hate at first sight for Erin and Sean. He thinks she’s haughty and sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong, namely his relationship with his daughter. She thinks he’s a stuck-up jerk, to say the least. There’s definitely no love lost between them. 

When Erin becomes friends with Sean’s sister, they have no choice but to spend time together. There are more than a few fireworks between them as enemies, and not all of them are outside the bedroom. 


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