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Round & Ravishing (EBOOK)

Round & Ravishing (EBOOK)

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What do you do when your darkest secrets are exposed?

I thought I had everything. I was living my dream life, but it all fell apart, and I had to crawl home with my tail between my legs. Working with my mom in her flower shop was not ideal, but with no job, no boyfriend, and no future in Hollywood, it was my best, ahem only, option.

Until a reporter shows up asking about the nude pictures of me online. Um, excuse me? Cue freak out.

I’d love to pretend they weren’t me, but those are definitely my curvy thighs. And all my other curvy parts. I remember the day they were taken. And who took them. Funny how his career took off and mine didn’t.

Before I can figure out what to do, another guy shows up. Noah’s sweet and funny and doesn’t seem to know anything about the pictures. Is it possible? He really seems too good to be true. As everything starts to feel like it’s crumbling, he’s there, supporting me. Loving me. Letting me forget.

But I can’t forget. And I can’t let go. I wasn’t the only one in those pictures. But I was the only one exposed online. Maybe it’s time someone else gets some extra exposure.


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