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His Curvy Wife (PAPERBACK)

His Curvy Wife (PAPERBACK)

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Walking out was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I promised her I’d never do it, but I also promised I’d keep her safe. That was the promise I couldn’t keep if I stayed. I wouldn’t risk her life or her health, so I risked my own heart and walked away. 

But she was ready to move on. To meet someone else. To find a new man who’d be willing to put what she wanted above keeping her safe. A new man who’d put his hands on my wife. Love her. Touch her. 

Hell. No. 

She was still mine. 


I’ve only ever loved one man. One gorgeous, maddening, wonderful man. I even managed to marry him. I thought we’d be together forever, but everything changed when I lost our baby. 

Instead of being his wife and lover, I was his new project. Something to fix. I didn’t need to be fixed, though. I couldn’t be. I needed my husband, but he wasn’t there. Some other man was there. A man who stopped seeing me and only saw a fragile, wounded woman he had to shelter. 

But it was all over. My husband left me. He couldn’t fix me, so he stopped trying. He told me he wanted a divorce, and I had no reason to make him stay. We weren’t the people we used to be. I still loved him, but, as much as I wanted it to be, sometimes love wasn’t enough.

And sometimes life threw you a curve. Like being paired with my husband on an online dating site. Could it be as easy as starting over? 



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