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His Curvy Treat (EBOOK)

His Curvy Treat (EBOOK)

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Small town living was not what I was used to. I liked my quiet and solitude, but there didn’t seem to be much of that in a town so small everyone knew I was a newcomer. They knew more about my family history than I did. They were all nice, and friendly, and wanted to know me, but it all just made me want to hide from them. 

Except for Elise. She was the one woman I wanted to get to know. She was a mystery, a mystery that intrigued me. She talked and laughed and enjoyed life, but when I was around she closed up. And when we our dating profiles were matched and we met out for a drink, she bolted. Flat out refused to stick around. And refused to give me another chance. 

She didn’t know I wouldn’t give up that easily. 


I knew online dating was a risk. Sometimes he was a freak. Sometimes he was just wrong. And sometimes he was the guy I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t interested in. 

Getting involved with a man wasn’t an option for me. Not since my ex almost destroyed me. He was sweet and kind at first, like Colin, but it hid an evil that shattered my faith in men and my ability to ever trust one again. 

Colin didn’t back off like most men did. One rejection usually sent them running for the next bed to jump into, but Colin kept trying. He made me feel special. Like I was important. Resisting him was harder with each kiss and each touch. He wanted all of me, the good and the bad, and he wasn’t stopping until he got it. 


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Escape today

A sleepy small town nestled in a quiet cove on the St. Lawrence River, MacKellar Cove is the perfect place to get away from it all.

Grab a drink at the bar where all the locals hang out. Join the women for a talk about life and love at the local bookstore. But be careful because it’s still a small town, so everyone knows everything about everyone else. Which is why the most popular dating app doesn’t include pictures. 

  • Your trip to MacKellar Cove has to include a stop at Catherine Park. In the center of town, Catherine Park is where everything happens. Parties, events, and maybe a proposal or two!

  • Book Boyfriends Unlimited is the romance only bookstore in town. The ladies meet there every week to talk men, life, and love, and enjoy time together. Best friends are the family you choose.

  • Finding romance in a small town, where everyone knows everyone, is hard. That's why Book Boyfriends Wanted doesn't use pictures. You never know who you might end up falling for.

  • No trip is complete without a stop by O'Kelley's. Good food, great drinks, and advice from everyone's favorite bartender. If you look close, you might see a new couple on a date!