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His Curvy Outcast (PAPERBACK)

His Curvy Outcast (PAPERBACK)

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Hiding in plain sight was never easy. Sure, no one in town knew my history, but I still didn’t like feeling so exposed. Knowing that it wouldn’t take much for them to figure out that I was there for a reason, and not staying forever. 

But after a few months, the small town was winning me over. The night life could use a little more excitement, and the dating options were minimal at best, but she caught my eye the first time I saw her. 

The angry look on her face hid the pain in her eyes. Maybe I was crazy for wanting to know why she was hurt, or maybe I just recognized someone I could relate to. Someone who might not judge me the way I’d been judging myself. I just needed a way to get her to talk to me. 


The last thing I needed was a cop on a power trip trying to make a name for himself. I knew I was an easy target. No one in town liked me. But did he have to give me a ticket? 

And worse, did he have to buy me a drink? Yeah, because that was going to make it all better. 

I shouldn’t have had the drink. I shouldn’t have talked to him. Or let him kiss me. Or let him walk me home. I knew I was playing with fire because he was gorgeous and snarky and the first person in far too long who acted like I mattered. 

It was a mistake to let him in, to open myself up to him. But by the time I learned just how big of a mistake, it was far too late to keep myself from wanting something I’d never get from him. From wanting more



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