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His Curvy Nurse (PAPERBACK)

His Curvy Nurse (PAPERBACK)

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Resisting Laura was getting harder and harder every day. Seeing her talking and laughing with patients and watching the shutters close when she looked at me was painful. I deserved it, but it was not easy. Not when I wanted to know everything there was to know about her. If only I wasn’t her boss. 

Crossing that line wasn’t a good idea. We had important work to do. Work that saved lives and helped people. I couldn’t risk it. I wouldn’t. 

But hearing about her dates was driving me crazy. If I could meet someone, maybe I could forget about her. There had to be someone on the online dating app who would take my mind off of her. 


Life’s too short for regrets. I learned that day after day working with patients living and dying with cancer. They all told me the same thing. Stop being afraid of living my life and grab it by the balls.

So, I listened. I stopped wondering when my boss was going to notice me. I stopped wishing he would see me as more than just his nurse. I stopped declining dates with other men in hopes Nico would one day ask me out.

I am not so evolved that I actually stopped hoping something would happen, but I had to move on. People were dying with regrets, and I couldn’t live with mine.

I never thought dating other men would make Nico notice me. I never expected him to be pissed off. And I sure as hell never thought he’d be jealous.

But I definitely liked that side of him. The side that said he wanted me. It wasn’t going to be that easy, though. He needed to work for it. One kiss, one touch, one panty-melting word at a time.



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