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His Curvy Muse (EBOOK)

His Curvy Muse (EBOOK)

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My music career was going exactly where I wanted it to. Big contract, big stadiums, and even bigger bank account. I had everything I wanted. 

But that contract required something I didn’t have. A song that would make all those raving fans dig even deeper into their pockets and throw more than just panties at me. 

The only problem was I hadn’t been able to write a song in years. There was one guy who could help me, but he was out of the public eye. No one knew where to find him. 

But I knew something they didn’t know. I knew where his daughter lived. 


Three months. That was how long he was going to be in my small town. I knew it when we met. But that spark… It had been a long time since I felt a spark like that. An instant connection with someone that made me feel like he really saw me. 

Falling for him was as smart as falling into his bed. Even knowing it was temporary, I couldn’t resist. He was charming and sweet and wanted to know everything about me. I thought he felt the same way I did. 

But he was keeping a secret from me. A secret that brought my past to my present. I’d worked hard to keep the past where it belonged. He betrayed that. And me. 


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