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Fierce (EBOOK)

Fierce (EBOOK)

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Enjoy the 4th book in the steamy BBW romantic suspense series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson. 

Justice is coming… because she’s bringing it. 

Mackenzie never wanted anyone else to go through the same hell she went through. Being wrongly accused of murder nearly broke her, but letting someone get away with murder would be worse. She was convinced she knew the truth, until she discovered the woman who was supposed to be dead was very much alive. 

Holden has been in love with Mackenzie since the day they met. She’s smart and stunning and completely oblivious of his feelings for her. He’s finally ready to ask her out, but she has her other plans. Bringing justice to the city’s most dangerous criminal. And she refuses to let Holden help. 

Trust doesn’t come easily for Mackenzie, but facing evil alone is not something she can do. Holden has always been kind, and she quickly learns he’s also funny and smart and a damn good kisser. But none of that will help her get justice for the woman on the other end of the phone as she gasps for her last breath. A breath Mackenzie will make sure was not a waste. 


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