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F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

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The military is all these men wanted to know. Helping people, taking down bad guys, saving the world. They had no weaknesses, until they meet the women who bring them to their knees and show them what they fought for all those years. This bundle contains three full length romantic suspense novels about trusting your gut and risking everything for love. 


One phone call was all it took to change their lives forever. Lily’s best friend is missing, and she asks his brother for help. Archer never wanted to go back to his hometown, especially not after his military career crashed and burned and left him with scars no one could see. But he owed his brother, and Archer couldn’t resist helping curvy, sexy, tempting Lily find him. 


Kelsea can’t shake the feeling of being watched. She’s constantly looking over her shoulder, and starting to think she’s losing her mind. But Jaymes believes her. He takes her seriously. He has his own wounds, but he’s willing to push them aside to protect Kelsea from whoever has been stalking her for months. 


Jack has always gotten by on his sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. Her brother being kidnapped by her psycho ex is not something Pilar finds funny at all. What she finds even less funny is being trapped with Jack as her only source of entertainment or protection. And when her ex finds them, and refuses to leave the country without Pilar, there’s only one thing Jack can do to keep her safe. Tell her the truth. 


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