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Change On The Fly (EBOOK)

Change On The Fly (EBOOK)

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Lucy has never been on her own. Dumped, again, and unsure where she’s going with her life, she needs to make a change before her three brothers kick her out of the family business. Getting her crap together shouldn’t be that hard, as long as they don’t stick their noses in where she doesn’t need them. 

Chris has no interest in a complicated life. Work, women, and hockey keep him busy, and plenty satisfied. Until a sexy stranger kisses him in the bar and vanishes before he can find out who she is or why she kissed him. 

Lucy has an offer for Chris. Fake a relationship to get her brothers off her back and give her the chance to prove she can be who they need her to be. Chris agrees, finding Lucy impossible to resist even with work demands breathing down his neck, because he knows she doesn’t need a man to be the woman he sees. But as fake starts to feel all too real, Lucy can’t help but wonder if Chris might be the right one for her. 


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