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Mary E Thompson Romance

Big & Beautiful Box Set #2 (EBOOK)

Big & Beautiful Box Set #2 (EBOOK)

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Includes books 6-9 of Big & Beautiful series. No new content was added. Just the same original stories readers loved!

Plump & Pretty

I’m not perfect. I know that. My curves have curves, and I’d rather bury my nose in a book than have a conversation with a real live person. Especially one who really might be perfect.

Connor was the guy in high school. The one everyone wanted to be friends with. The guy every girl fantasized about. The guy who didn’t even know I existed. It didn’t really matter, though. High school was forever ago, and I was okay with who I was. Even if I could stand a few less curves.

So, why is Connor asking me to dance? And why is he showing up at my work? And why am I having such a hard time saying no to his sweet words and even sweeter kisses?

It can’t be real. Girls like me don’t end up with guys like him. Do they?

Husky & Hot

First impressions were never my strong suit. Between my curves and my mouth, I had a tendency to turn people off. But him? Oh, he was definitely not turned off. 

It was supposed to be an anonymous fling with a stranger. Yeah, I knew sneaking away with him at a party a friend was throwing was risky, but he was impossible to resist. Too bad he was also my new boss. 

Working side-by-side with Drew was definitely not a harship. We clicked, and the close quarters and long hours made resisting him impossible. We thought we were being sneaky, until his mother caught us getting a little too close. 

She wanted him with his ex, and I didn’t measure up. I didn’t care. Not really. Not until his perfect ex walked in, and he forgot I existed. 

Fluffy & Fabulous

30 days. That was all I had left to find a new shop and a new place to live. Thankfully, the perfect place was available, and I was going to get it.

Or not.

Not only did I not get the store I wanted, a new bakery was moving in. Right across the street from me. I had nowhere to go, and this new place was primed to steal my hard-earned customers. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Frustrated didn’t even begin to describe it. The only thing going right for me was meeting Max. He was sweet and sexy and made me forget all about my problems for a little while. Until I find out who he really is, and where he goes when he disappears on me.

Puffy & Precious

Life is good. I’m finally watching my dreams come true. My divorce was painful, but staying married to a cheater wasn’t an option. I’m happier now. Ready to be my own person. But no more men.

Graham doesn’t count. He’s my carpenter, and yeah, he knows how to wear a toolbelt, but I’m not ready to get involved with someone. But the way he talks, and the way he makes me feel has me questioning why.

Just when I think I know the answer, my ex shows up. He needs my help. He can’t do it without me. And old habits die hard.

My ex needs me, but Graham wants me. The biggest question of all is what do I want? Because I’m done living my life for other people.



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