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Fracture (EBOOK)

Fracture (EBOOK)

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She found the truth once. But it was locked inside her mind. She had to find it again. If the one who broke her doesn’t get to her first. 

Lorelei spent months on the trail of a monster. Months that were wasted after an attack left her with amnesia. She can’t remember who she was, what she learned, or how she managed to end up hundreds of miles away in her old apartment. 

Vinnie wanted in on the case that captivated his city, but all he could do was wait for the call to say his team was needed. Until then, he admired the woman in charge and tried to get to know her. When she disappeared, he knew something was wrong, even if every single person told him to stand down. He trusted his instincts. Always. 

While Vinnie helps Lorelei put the pieces of her broken mind together, they find themselves going deeper and deeper into a truth they never expected to find. A truth that could destroy everything they hold dear. Including each other. 


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