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Big & Beautiful Books 10-13 Bundle (EBOOK)

Big & Beautiful Books 10-13 Bundle (EBOOK)

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These friends know what they want. They know where they're going. They know their next moves. Until a man they each never saw coming steps in the way and twists their lives, and their hearts, all up. Love doesn't always go to plan, but love always comes out on top. 

Round & Ravishing... What do you do when your darkest secrets are exposed? 

Curvaceous & Captivating... When there's no time for a man, that's when he shows up. 

Stocky & Sumptuous... Romance is definitely not in the cards. 

Ample & Alluring... It's the least wonderful time of the year. 

This bundle includes books 10-13 of Big & Beautiful series. No new content was added. Just the same original stories readers loved!


This ebook is also available at retailers HERE.

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