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His Curvy Craving (EBOOK)

His Curvy Craving (EBOOK)

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I loved my hometown in the fall. The summer guests were drifting home and the sleepy town I ran fast and far from decades ago became the home I remembered. The home I loved. I let it get to me. I let myself get sucked in. I wasn’t the town’s son anymore. I was nobody. 

Or so I thought. That random woman I met online? I didn’t think she knew who I was. She pretended she didn’t. But after one night, she was trying to trap me into a lifetime together. Ha! She couldn’t trick me. I wasn’t falling for it. Or her. 


Finally. I finally got things settled at work. I was good for nine months. Time to hang on and make a new plan. I deserved a night out. A quick fling with a rare stranger in my small town. 

One night. 

One time. 

Not one line. 

Shit. I was supposed to spend those nine months growing my business, not growing a person. Now I need to tell that stranger about the baby. If I can find him. 


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Welcome to MacKellar Cove, a sleepy little town nestled in a quiet cove on the St. Lawrence River. Grab a drink at the bar where all the locals hang out. Join the women for a talk about life and love at the local bookstore. Just be careful because it’s still a small town so everyone knows everything about everyone else. Which is why the most popular dating app doesn’t include pictures. 

Grab a drink, and a slice of cake, and meet your favorite book boyfriend. We want them all!