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His Curvy Frustration (EBOOK)

His Curvy Frustration (EBOOK)

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Trinity had a way of getting under my skin. From the moment we met, she pushed me. With each push, I wanted her more, but she hated me. I saw it in the sneers and the eye rolls and the looks of disgust when I took another woman home. She didn’t need to know I was only doing it to piss her off. 

She never asked for anything or even acknowledged me most of the time. Until one night. She needed me. And there was nowhere else I’d rather be than holding her in my arms. Except maybe holding her in my arms when she wasn’t crying. 


The very last person I wanted anything from was Officer James Rucker. If there was any option at all, I wouldn’t call him, but I had no choice. I needed a cop. 

To my surprise, he came. He helped. He was the guy everyone else knew instead of the @$$ he always was to me. 

I didn’t know what to do with that. It was easy to keep him in the box I put him in. To tell myself it didn’t matter how sexy his smile was or how hard my insides clenched when he left with another woman. 

No. No. No. I wasn’t going to think of James like that. I couldn’t. I wanted fun in my life, and he was the polar opposite of that. 

We weren’t right. We weren’t an option. It didn’t matter if he was starring in my dreams. Or knocking on my door…


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