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Book Boyfriends Wanted Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

Book Boyfriends Wanted Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

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These friends are not looking for love in their small town, but love is going to find them anyway. This bundle contains three full length contemporary romances about falling in love with the last person you expect. Online dating was supposed to be a favor to a friend, but their matches are frighteningly perfect, on screen and off.

His Curvy Friend

The last place Ian wants to be is stuck in the friend zone, but that’s exactly where he’s been for years with Blake. He made a promise to a friend he would admit to Blake how he feels, and as the date gets closer, and his connection with Blake starts to feel like more than just a friendship, Ian goes all in.

His Curvy Wife

Ramsey did not want to walk out on his wife, but he feared it was the only way to protect her. It was the only way to keep her safe. Until he finds out she’s ready to move on with her life without him. Starting over isn’t easy, but maybe it’s the only way they can find each other again.

His Curvy Treat

Colin was not looking for everyone in his new small town home to know everything about him. Or for them to all try to get a date. Too bad for him the only woman he wants a date with turned him down flat. Not once, but twice. Colin isn’t giving up so easily, not when something tells him Elise is worth it.


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