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F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves Books 7-9 Bundle (EBOOK)

F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves Books 7-9 Bundle (EBOOK)

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They found a new purpose after military life. A purpose that allowed them to keep using their skills to bring justice to those who deserve it, and to protect and defend the women who twist them inside out in all the best ways. This bundle contains three full length romantic suspense novels about shining light on the shadows and taking a chance on love.


Mason has sins to make up for. Sins he’ll never forgive himself for. Getting involved with a teammate’s sister is one sin he never should have committed. But Megan got too close. She snuck in. She got past all his defenses. But he’s no good for her. And his past is going to make sure everyone knows. 


Ryker likes being second. He’s comfortable there. Taylor is the exact opposite. The woman drives him crazy with her fierce determination to prove she doesn’t need anyone. Especially him. Until the person who wants to destroy her company makes it clear it’s so much more than business. It’s personal, and he’s not stopping until he has everything he wants. No matter who tries to stop him. 


Liam enjoys being in the shadows. He was invisible in high school and as an adult, that never changed. But Caitlyn sees him. She remembers him and she knows he’s the only person who can help her find her best friend. If she can convince him she’s not crazy. And if they can avoid getting killed by the person stalking Caitlyn and doing everything to make sure she never learns the truth. 


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