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F-BOMB: Curvy Vigilantes Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

F-BOMB: Curvy Vigilantes Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK)

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They didn’t set out to do anything special. These women wanted to protect the ones they care about. Justice for friends, and strangers, was what mattered. They didn’t set out to be vigilantes, but things don’t always go as planned. 


Stacey counted on Wray to be her partner in every way, until he betrayed her trust and almost cost them everything. She didn’t know how to forgive him, or end things, and move on. But she knew something had to give. Just like she knew her client’s death wasn’t random. She needed answers, but finding them meant doing exactly what her husband did and risking everything. 


Jessica finally had a date with Braden, the guy she had a crush on forever. A really good date. Her best friend insisted on hearing all about it the next day, but when Jessica showed up, all she found was a body. Her friend’s body. And Jessica is accused of killing her. She has to disappear. Braden’s not going to let her face it alone. But he’s not the only one looking for her. 


Karli thought it would be easy to pretend to be dead, but someone tried to kill her. Someone who killed the wrong woman. Someone who would kill her if he knew she was still alive. Cade was sure the woman in the grave was not the woman everyone thought she was. But getting Karli to trust him is not so simple. Neither is keeping it a secret that she’s not the one in her grave. 


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