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Wait For It (EBOOK)

Wait For It (EBOOK)

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Undeniable passion and a spark that lights up the pages draws twenty seven year old virgin, Cat Thomas, and hot single dad, Ryder Hawkins, together in this sweet and sexy novel.

Cat Thomas is the only virgin left in River Pointe, New York. Or at least she feels that way. A moment of self doubt as a teenager made her commit to waiting until marriage before she had sex, but now she wonders if it was the worst decision she’s ever made. All these years later, being a virgin is a much bigger deal, and finding ‘The One’ is even harder.

Ryder Hawkins is ready to escape his former life and looking for a quiet place to raise his seven year old daughter. He moves to River Pointe hoping to give his daughter the life he always wanted for her, stability, and a loving parent.

He only hopes he is enough for her.

When Cat meets Ryder, she thinks he’s just like every other man out there and doesn’t give him the time of day. But Ryder can see Cat is different, and maybe she’s the missing piece of his life that could make him feel whole again. But can he capture her attention? And will Cat give up her commitment, or will she make Ryder wait for it?


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