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Fight For It (EBOOK)

Fight For It (EBOOK)

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Jenny Owens feels like she’s looking for something. She wants more from her life, but she’s not greedy. She just wants her boyfriend to live in the same zip code, or even the same area code, her job to match her skills and desires, and her home to be something of her own instead of her parents’.

It’s not much, is it?

Jenny is floundering. She is a happy person by nature, but she feels like her four years of college were a waste every time she goes into work as a waitress, the same job she held before going off to college. Add to that her boyfriend is always so busy with school, and his friends, that she rarely sees him.

And she’s not even sure she cares anymore.

When Jenny gets a flat tire at 3 am one night, her entire world changes.

Logan Campbell liked his life. He had a thriving business that made him happy, friends he could count on, and the occasional woman to keep his bed warm if he was in the mood.

But when he stops to help the car stranded, he realizes his life isn’t all he thought is was.

Logan and Jenny share an incredible night filled with passion, compatibility, and the best sex of their lives. Logan walks away from the experience knowing he can’t let her go. Until she admits she has a boyfriend.

Logan broods and snaps at everyone in sight while Jenny tries desperately to forget about him. But Jenny can’t stop thinking about Logan, and the way he seemed to know her body better than anyone else ever had.

When they keep getting thrown together, either by their own inability to avoid each other or outside forces, they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight. Or if they should cut their losses and go.


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