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Mary E Thompson Romance



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This audiobook is digitally narrated, not narrated by a human.


Life's sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

Life is good. I’m finally watching my dreams come true. My divorce was painful, but staying married to a cheater wasn’t an option. I’m happier now. Ready to be my own person. But no more men.

Graham doesn’t count. He’s my carpenter, and yeah, he knows how to wear a toolbelt, but I’m not ready to get involved with someone. But the way he talks, and the way he makes me feel has me questioning why.

Just when I think I know the answer, my ex shows up. He needs my help. He can’t do it without me. And old habits die hard.

My ex needs me, but Graham wants me. The biggest question of all is what do I want? Because I’m done living my life for other people.


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