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Go For It (EBOOK)

Go For It (EBOOK)

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Molly’s always been the good girl. She goes to work early. She volunteers for overtime. She pays her bills and never buys anything she can’t afford. She never has more than two drinks in a night, and none if she’s driving. She cooks. She cleans. She’s smart and kind and everyone loves her.

But even Molly is bored with herself. She never lets loose or does anything foolish.

Owen lives life by the seat of his pants. He is constantly trying out new things and having new adventures. He lives life to its fullest and loves every minute.

When the two meet, neither can deny the pull. For once in her life, Molly wants to be reckless. For once in his life, Owen wants to be stable. The solution is easy for both of them. Get married.

What Molly sees as a reckless, fun experience, Owen sees as the beginning of the rest of his life. But can they make their lives mesh or will their inherent natures fight when they Go For It?


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