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Back In The Game (EBOOK)

Back In The Game (EBOOK)

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Becky put everything she had into being there for her girls when her husband was killed by a drunk driver. After five years of sacrifice, she’s forgotten who she is and what she wants from her life. But she’s feeling ready to figure it out. 

Family is everything to Matt. Being one of four kids, he always imagined he’d have one of his own, with a woman like Becky. If she was his, he’d cherish her, unlike her two-timing husband who has no problem flaunting the new woman in his life. Matt refuses to let it stand and tells Becky just how big of a jerk her husband is. 

Except her husband died years ago. 

Matt’s attempts to apologize bring him closer to Becky. She’s funny and smart and kind, everything Matt always wanted in a partner. But moving on isn’t as simple as finding someone who seems to be a perfect match. Moving on means letting go of the past. And that’s not always as easy. 


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