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Mary E Thompson Romance



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This audiobook is digitally narrated, not narrated by a human.


Romance is definitely not in the cards.

Things men are good for:

1. Sex
2. Refer to #1

I knew love existed. I wasn’t a complete idiot. But I hadn’t experienced it and was over coming in second place to a man’s job. No more workaholics. No more jerks. No more men. Because obviously my taste in men is pitiful.

If it weren’t for my desire to have a kid, I would give up men for good. Even with how badly I want to be a mom, I’m not sure I can handle getting involved with someone else. It’s not worth it to wonder if he’ll remember I exist.

Hunter is just like the rest of them. He works crazy hours, he’s chasing his dreams, and he has workaholic written all over his three piece suit. He is all wrong for me. I don’t want him. No, really, I don’t. I promise.

Okay, fine, I do. I have fantasies of him walking in and messing up more than just my desk. But I know it’ll end the same way. He’s good for some fun, but I can’t risk getting attached to him. I’ll only end up regretting it.


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