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In The Dirt (EBOOK)

In The Dirt (EBOOK)

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Eric owed everything to his older sister. She gave up her future to make sure he had one, and he’d never forget what she did for him. He vowed to make it up to her, including giving up the job he wanted to make sure his sister would get it. Except she wasn’t the one who was hired. 

Jo finally did it. She got the job she always wanted. She’d worked hard, and she’d finally made her dream to coach women’s lacrosse come true. Stepping into a new position wouldn’t be easy, but she was sure the assistant coach, who didn’t apply for the job, would be on her side and help her acclimate to the position with ease. 

Or maybe not. 

Eric makes his opinion of Jo clear off the bat, and she isn’t a big fan of his either. They won’t survive the season together, not if they both want to see the other fail as much as they want each other. But which desire will win? Because only one of them can get what they want. 


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