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In Front Of Me (EBOOK)

In Front Of Me (EBOOK)

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A new job, a new life, a new city. Paige thought she’d be starting over with her ex, but instead he dumped her, leaving her to start over alone. She doesn’t even have her best friends with her. But they have one more trip together before they all go their separate ways. Five whole days of sun, water, and a sea of men to admire. 

Dante is happy to get a break from his ex and the constant reminder that she traded up. A trip with his family should have been the perfect distraction to refocus on his career and get his head straight. Until he sees her. 

The spark between Paige and Dante brings them together for five days of fun, but they agree it’s better to end things with the trip and go their separate ways. 

Paige’s first day at her new job ignites that spark all over again when Dante is not only in the same city, but at the same company. They pretend they don’t know each other, but what happened on deck doesn’t always stay on deck.


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