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First (EBOOK)

First (EBOOK)

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Pilar Luna knows better than to trust a man, especially one with a sexy smile and a self-deprecating sense of humor. The last time she did that, she almost ended up dead. She would have been if not for her brother. Not that he was perfect. Lying men were all Pilar knew. 

Former SEAL, Jack Farrell has no interest in getting close to anyone. He has his team and doesn’t need anyone else. Definitely not a stunning, curvy woman with aa feisty side and strength for days. 

Jack’s team has been working on taking down the dangerous men Pilar’s ex works for, but they aren’t willing to let it happen without a few casualties. They send her ex to deal with it, but taking her brother isn’t enough. He won’t return home unless Pilar is with him. 

The search for Pilar’s brother forces Jack and Pilar closer together when Jack is tasked with keeping her safe. But finding her brother means putting Pilar in danger. It means showing their hand to the man who could take everything away from him. 

And it means the one thing Pilar needs from Jack is something he can’t give her. The truth. 


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