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Enjoy the 6th book in the steamy BBW romantic suspense series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson. 

She survived a fate worse than death. She wants revenge.  

Not remembering the months she spent held captive didn’t erase that they happened. Edie lost more than her memories. She lost her dignity, her job, her cousin, and all faith in humanity. And the man who held her was still out there. Doing the same to others. 

Being a cop wasn’t always Pryce’s dream, but when his childhood best friend fingered him as an accomplice, he fought like hell to hold on to it. He kept his job, but the other cops didn’t trust him. Most refused to work with him. Pryce knew there was value in the streets, and he focused on gaining the trust of the people in his district instead of his coworkers. 

Edie knows there’s only so much the police can do to stop the man who kidnapped her, but she isn’t bound by the same laws. When Pryce gets word of a new vigilante taking down criminals in his district, he has to stop her before she gets hurt. But Edie is no fragile flower. She has vengeance and knowledge on her side. Two things Pryce knows can tip any scale. 

Night-by-night, they get closer to the truth, and day-by-day, they get closer to each other. Falling in love shouldn’t be possible going through hell, but for two people with nothing to lose, holding on to each other feels as easy as decimating the organization that tried to destroy her. But the man they’re after isn’t going down without a fight. 



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