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Fake It Till You Break It (EBOOK)

Fake It Till You Break It (EBOOK)

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No more men…

Kristen Bennett had her heart shattered. Broken was too small of a word for getting dumped by the guy she thought she’d spend her life with. What really pissed her off was she couldn’t get past the hurt and lose herself in other men like she usually did.

Too much trouble…

Zane Hughes didn’t let anyone close. Close meant he could get hurt, and he’d had enough of that to last a few lifetimes. The only woman allowed in his life for longer than one night was his business partner and best friend, and she knew when to back off.

It’s all for fun…

When Kristen and Zane meet, it’s all business. Until too many hours together and too much wine give them both the courage to get as close as two people can get.

Neither of them wants more than a casual relationship, so what’s the harm in having one together. With Kristen’s re-shattered heart, and Zane’s complete lack of one, they’re the perfect couple.

As long as no one wants more than some fun between the sheets, or against the wall, or on the table.


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