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Mary E Thompson Romance

Book Boyfriends Wanted Box Set #3 (EBOOK)

Book Boyfriends Wanted Box Set #3 (EBOOK)

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Online dating was meant to be fun. A way to meet new people. Get out of their comfort zones. Not fall fast and hard for the one who makes them crazy, in every way possible. This box set contains three full length contemporary romances about loving yourself enough to know you deserve the best possible match. 

His Curvy Nurse

Laura moved to MacKellar Cove to work for Nico. She never expected to fall for her stubborn, sexy, and oblivious boss. Too bad he barely knows she exists. Or that’s how it seems. Nico is having a harder time keeping his attraction to Laura in check. When both turn to online dating to get over each other, they’re paired together, and all bets are off. 

His Curvy Ex

Zoey fell hard and fast for Sebastian when she was a teenager. Promises were made, and broken, and a lifetime passed.  But now she’s back. It’s temporary, but it’s enough to throw the two of them together over and over again. Sebastian hates her for breaking his heart, but he can’t seem to resist her, or her kids. Is moving on possible with the one person you’re trying to move on from? 

His Curvy Craving

The last thing Finley needed was a complication. That was why she agreed to meet the sexy stranger. It was anonymous, and hot, and not supposed to be more than harmless fun. Telling a man whose name she didn’t know that’s he was going to be a father was definitely the most awkward thing ever. Trent is sure she’s lying. Trying to trap him. She found out who he was and is trying to lay claim to his fortune. Joke’s on her. He’s not falling for it. Or her. 



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