Love. Is there anything more important in the world?

I don’t think so, that’s why I write about it every day. I love love, and after falling in love at first sight, I think of myself as knowing a thing or two about it.

When love is not madness, it is not love.  ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The first day of my senior year of college I met my husband. If someone had told me that day I would marry him, I would have believed it without a question in my mind. He was funny (the first thing that caught my attention), cute, and kind. We started sitting together during class and became friends. Nine months of flirting and a few excuses later, he finally agreed to go out with me (yes, I asked him out, more than once).

For our first date he gave me bad directions and I got lost. The same thing happened on our second date (I was coming from a different way and needed different directions). I learned that he sucks with direction, but I wasn’t ready to give up on him. Two years later we were married and all these years after that we’re still as in love as that first day we met. Maybe a little more.

I’m far from perfect, but I’ll be perfect for that imperfect person that’s perfect for me.  ~Amanda Bynes

Why do you care?

Maybe you don’t, but you’re here for a reason. You probably already know I write contemporary romance novels. What you might not realize is I only write stories that give people hope. Hope that true love can exist for all of us and you don’t need Prince Charming or Billy Billionaire to come save you. I write about ordinary people going to extraordinary lengths for true love. Sorry, you won’t find any billionaires coming in to solve all the problems around here. You’ll find strong women who are looking for love. Women who are sometimes afraid to go for what they want. But women who want a man to stand beside them and support them. Someone to be there for them and tell them it’s all going to be okay.

You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.  ~Dr. Seuss

So who the heck am I, really?

I’m a reader first and foremost. I love contemporary romance novels and read as many as I can get my hands (and spare cash) on. I wrote my first book in elementary school but by high school detoured toward a career in Chemical Engineering. It never felt right and I almost changed majors my junior year of college, but I pushed through and started a 10+ year career as an engineer.

Mary E ThompsonI knew it wasn’t right and I knew I wanted to be an author. In May 2013 I finally admitted and accepted that I wouldn’t be happy until I was writing contemporary romance novels and I haven’t looked back since!

Now you’re wondering if I’ve actually done anything, right?

In 2013 I published my first five novels. It was exciting, exhilarating, and terrifying. I loved every minute of it.

In 2014, I published five additional books, including two new novels from the Better In Bed series and three from the brand new series, Paradise Park.

2015 got a little more exciting than I hoped when I was diagnosed with Stage IV-B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My Big & Beautiful series released the end of 2015 and into 2016. The rest of the Better In Bed and Paradise Park series were released in 2016.

2017 brought another new series, Raise A Glass, and more books in the Big & Beautiful series. At the end of the year, another brand new series, Opposites Attract, a spin-off from the Big & Beautiful series, will debut.

All my books are available on AmazonKoboiTunesBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords. You can read a sneak peak of each novel over on my books page.

Chubby & Charming (Big & Beautiful, #1) and Playing By The Rules (Paradise Park, #1) are available free on all platforms so make sure you pick up your copies!

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Anything Else?

If you’re just dying to know all the nitty gritty details of my world, click here. You can read my longer bio including exactly how I went from writing to engineering and back to writing and how I’m raising my kids to know they can do anything, even if it means starting over!