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His Curvy Boss (EBOOK)

His Curvy Boss (EBOOK)

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I wasn’t sure what was sexier… the way my boss’s suits clung to her curves or the way she controlled a room full of men who thought they didn’t need to listen to the woman in charge.

Goldie was a force to be reckoned with, and working for her was fun. She was smart and clever and beautiful. Damn, was she beautiful. But she didn’t see any of that in herself. I had no problem telling her, even though she was convinced I was just flirting. Yeah, I was, but one day she’d realize I was flirting because I saw her as so much more than just my boss. She was the kind of woman I wanted in my life for good.


I’d worked hard to get to where I was. To become the boss and run things the way I wanted to run them. It wasn’t easy, especially going through a divorce and raising my son. But I finally got to where I wanted to be.

I could not, would not, risk my reputation and career for a fling with my assistant. It didn’t matter how cute he was. Yes, cute, because he was also fourteen years younger than me. I had my son when I was his age. I was married. I was planning a future… that never happened. I wouldn’t steal the same from him, no matter how many times he told me all he wanted in his future was me.


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