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His Curvy Surprise (PAPERBACK)

His Curvy Surprise (PAPERBACK)

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My new neighbor was going to be the death of me. Late night parties, early morning noise, and her uncontrollable dog digging up my yard. The peace and quiet I’d had for years was gone with one SOLD sign and a moving truck. 

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Oh, no. The biggest problem I had with my new neighbor was those tiny shorts that hugged her curves and made my mouth water. Those shorts were the reason I kept my distance. 

I was either going to strangle her or claim her. Which one was a toss-up. 


I should have asked around before I bought my new house. I would have found out I was moving in next to the most uptight man in my small town. A man who thought it should be lights out at eight, and silence for a full twelve hours. 

Not all of us had that schedule, buddy. 

After yet another note on my door threatening to call the cops on me and my new puppy, I decided to pay my new neighbor a visit. I didn’t expect to find his son sitting on the porch. Alone. Locked out and scared. 

Or for my heart to squeeze so painfully when he accepted my offer of a cookie and a warm place to wait until his dad to got home. 

Maybe I was too quick to judge. Because a kid so sweet couldn’t possibly come from a man who was so rude. Or maybe there was more to the single dad next door. 



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