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Book Boyfriends Wanted Books 1-10 Bundle (EBOOK)

Book Boyfriends Wanted Books 1-10 Bundle (EBOOK)

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Welcome to MacKellar Cove. A small town in Upstate New York where everyone knows everyone and dating is almost impossible to do without finding an ex, a coworker, or someone you already hate. That’s why the best dating app around doesn’t use pictures. Finding out who you’ve been talking to can be a shock, and not always a good one. But there’s something about this app and how good it is at finding that one person that’s meant to be. Come on in and get lost in the love today. 

His Curvy Secret 

Enjoy Ian and Blake's prequel novella! They were roommates in Hawaii, and no one knows exactly what happened on their trip. Until now. Read about what led to the trip, Blake and William's break-up, and what happened in that Hawaii hotel room. Plus, see Ms. Georgia and Eddie's wedding! 

His Curvy Friend

The last place Ian wants to be is stuck in the friend zone, but that's exactly where he's been for years with Blake. He made a promise to a friend he would admit to Blake how he feels, and as the date gets closer, and his connection with Blake starts to feel like more than just a friendship, Ian goes all in.

His Curvy Wife

Ramsey did not want to walk out on his wife, but he feared it was the only way to protect her. It was the only way to keep her safe. Until he finds out she's ready to move on with her life without him. Starting over isn't easy, but maybe it's the only way they can find each other again.

His Curvy Treat

Colin was not looking for everyone in his new small town home to know everything about him. Or for them to all try to get a date. Too bad for him the only woman he wants a date with turned him down flat. Not once, but twice. Colin isn't giving up so easily, not when something tells him Elise is worth it.

His Curvy Frustration

Trinity met James the day she moved to town. And hated him since. But when she needs someone, he doesn’t hesitate to show up and be there for her. Showing her, and others, a kindness she’d never seen. Maybe there’s more to him than she ever expected. 

His Curvy Gift

Piper is not interested in a relationship. Her last one was an epic failure, and she’s content being single. Gavin is only in town for a little while, so he’s perfect for a holiday fling. But when their fling starts to feel a little too real, Piper knows she made a mistake all over again. And this time, she might not recover from a broken heart. 

His Curvy Outcast

Willow has absolutely no one in her corner. She can’t blame anyone else, but it still hurts. Getting a ticket is just the icing on the cake of everything going to hell, even though the cop is hot. Rowan has never cared about someone’s reputation, only about the truth behind who a person is. And he has a hard time believing Willow is as bad as the whole town seems to think she is. He wants to find out exactly who she is. If she’ll let him. 

His Curvy Nurse

Laura moved to MacKellar Cove to work for Nico. She never expected to fall for her stubborn, sexy, and oblivious boss. Too bad he barely knows she exists. Or that’s how it seems. Nico is having a harder time keeping his attraction to Laura in check. When both turn to online dating to get over each other, they’re paired together, and all bets are off. 

His Curvy Ex

Zoey fell hard and fast for Sebastian when she was a teenager. Promises were made, and broken, and a lifetime passed.  But now she’s back. It’s temporary, but it’s enough to throw the two of them together over and over again. Sebastian hates her for breaking his heart, but he can’t seem to resist her, or her kids. Is moving on possible with the one person you’re trying to move on from? 

His Curvy Craving

The last thing Finley needed was a complication. That was why she agreed to meet the sexy stranger. It was anonymous, and hot, and not supposed to be more than harmless fun. Telling a man whose name she didn’t know that’s he was going to be a father was definitely the most awkward thing ever. Trent is sure she’s lying. Trying to trap him. She found out who he was and is trying to lay claim to his fortune. Joke’s on her. He’s not falling for it. Or her. 

His Curvy Genius

Xavier walked away years ago after making plans with Karissa. Forever kind of plans. Karissa moved back to her small town, the one Xavier refused to move to, and built her life. But every man was measured against her first love. Until Xavier’s best friend marries Karissa’s best friend and moves to MacKellar Cove. Avoiding him is impossible, and resisting his is even harder. 


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Escape today

A sleepy small town nestled in a quiet cove on the St. Lawrence River, MacKellar Cove is the perfect place to get away from it all.

Grab a drink at the bar where all the locals hang out. Join the women for a talk about life and love at the local bookstore. But be careful because it’s still a small town, so everyone knows everything about everyone else. Which is why the most popular dating app doesn’t include pictures.