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Finding Home (EBOOK)

Finding Home (EBOOK)

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Adaline Jameson walked in on her fiance in bed with another woman just three months before they were supposed to get married. She picked up and left him, not giving him a chance to explain. She grabbed her best friend, Rosienna Walker, and headed south to her dad’s beach house in Shelly Isle, South Carolina.

Rosienna Walker is more than happy to leave town. Her parents’ poisonous relationship has made her believe love doesn’t exist, at least not for women in her family. Getting away from her family is just what she needs to be able to start over again.

Neither women expects to find themselves in Shelly Isle. They go for a vacation, escaping their past that they’d rather forget, but find a peace in the small island that they’ve never experienced before. The men are nice to look at, too.

What was supposed to be a vacation turns into relocation as the friends fall in love with their new home. Together and separate Rosienna and Adaline fight for what they want, and what they don’t want. The friends discover more about themselves than they ever imagined. And they finally find home.


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