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Play For It (EBOOK)

Play For It (EBOOK)

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Erika is sure Jared will never give her the time of day. After their one night stand on New Year’s Eve, Jared avoided her, a miraculous feat since they worked together. But Erika is sick of feeling like she isn’t good enough. So when Edward decides he wants to make Erika his, Erika figures she has nothing to lose.

Jared never thought Erika would actually go for the Player In Shining Cufflinks she always joked about. He was certain Erika wasn’t the type of woman who would want a man who would take care of her, unless she loved him, of course. Edward asks too many questions about Erika and when he flirts with her and then takes her out, Jared knows she’s trying to make him jealous. Because she wouldn’t seriously consider being with a guy like that. Right?

Edward asks Erika to go back to England with him, ready to sweep her off her feet and give her everything she always said she wanted. But when Jared throws out the ultimate challenge, Erika isn’t sure about anything anymore. She’s stuck between the man who can only offer his love and the man who can give her everything except love. The worst part is, Erika has no idea who she wants to win when they Play For It.


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