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Flee (EBOOK)

Flee (EBOOK)

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Enjoy the 7th book in the steamy BBW romantic suspense series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson. 

Becoming an instant billionaire should have made her happy. Instead, it made her a target. 

Caring for others kept Dawn from falling apart completely. She made mistakes, big ones that took her family from her. Giving back made her feel like she was doing something right. She never expected to be named in her patient’s will. Especially when she discovers the sweet man she shared all her secrets with had a few of his own. Like he was a billionaire, and left his company, estate, and billions to her instead of his only son. 

Gage tried to talk his dying client out of the changes to his will. Leaving everything to the beautiful, curvy nurse he barely knew instead of his dangerous, hot-headed son was sure to send the son into a tailspin. Gage wanted to protect Dawn, but he knew his client was capable of making the decision, and had to believe he had a good reason for cutting his son out of the will. 

Dawn’s life turns upside down when she’s named the heir. She’s being watched. She’s being followed. She’s being stalked. She didn’t ask for the life she was given, or the money. Everyone wants a piece of her. Except the one man she wished she never met. Gage. 


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