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Feign (EBOOK)

Feign (EBOOK)

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Enjoy the 3rd book in the steamy BBW romantic suspense series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary E Thompson. 

No one knows she’s alive. No one except him. 

Being dead was not as easy as Karli thought it would be. She couldn’t call anyone, use her cards, or go anywhere with a camera. Her face had been on every channel, trying to gather support for finding her killer. A man who killed the wrong woman. A man who would hunt her down and get it right if he knew Karli was still alive. 

Cade knew the woman in the morgue was not who everyone said she was. He knew her face, every inch of it, and they were wrong. He just had to find her, the other her, and convince her to trust him. 

When a stranger calls her by name, Karli’s instincts tell her to run. But there’s something about him that pulls her in. Something that gets her to let her guard down. Something that could cost her her life. Forever this time. 


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