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Curvaceous & Captivating (EBOOK)

Curvaceous & Captivating (EBOOK)

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When there's no time for a man, that's when he shows up.

Laundry, kids, work, friends, dishes, trash… My to-do list was longer than any one person should ever have, but that’s life as a single mom.

The last thing I needed was a stubborn, irritating, alpha male who thought hitting on his assistant in front of me would impress me. Ethan Norwood was not my kind of guy. He had bad news written all over him from the dangerous glint in his eyes to the tattoos that cover his body to the power he holds as the biggest sponsor for the town Easter egg hunt.

Staying away from him should be easy. I didn’t have time, and I definitely didn’t need the jerk in my life. Too bad I can’t seem to be able to say no to him. If working together wasn’t bad enough, him showing up at my house sealed the deal. But I was the one who let him in, and let him meet my kids, and let him kiss me and touch me and make me forget all about everything else I was supposed to be doing. Because he was much more fun.


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