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Friends (EBOOK)

Friends (EBOOK)

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It should have been a quick trip to the bank. Cash a check so she could pay her rent and get to the interview on time. Instead, Kyra found herself lying on the floor, unable to move as three men robbed the bank and killed the guard who tried to stop them. 

The moment Slade realized he’d been drugged, he fought it. He tried to take in everything, but the drugs were strong, and he went down, staring into the eyes of the curvy woman who collapsed first. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay, but even if he could speak, he couldn’t get the words out. He knew there was no guarantee of that. 

When the woman from the bank shows up for an interview, Slade pushes the team to hire her. Kyra is smart and beautiful and perfect for the job. She’s also off-limits.

But when another bank is hit, the lines between Slade and Kyra are blurred. They lean on each other, and everything they thought they knew gets flipped upside down.


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