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His Curvy Genius (EBOOK)

His Curvy Genius (EBOOK)

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The day I walked away from Karissa was the hardest day of my life. Until the mother of my newborn daughter walked out of the hospital and left both of us behind. 

My daughter and I built a life, just the two of us. We were happy, and we were together. But when she started getting into trouble at high school, a change had to be made. Nothing mattered to me more than her. So, I did what I couldn’t do for Karissa. I embraced small town life. 

I never expected we’d end up in Karissa’s small town. With her best friend and my best friend starting a family, and trying to make us a part of it. Keeping my distance from her was the smart thing, but I was never the smart one out of the two of us.


I thought of myself as smart. Someone who could use her brains to figure things out. When I designed a dating app, I thought it was good. For everyone except me, apparently. 

The app matched me with my ex. My ex who decided all the things he wanted in his life were the opposite of what I wanted. Small town? Nope, moving to the city. Regular job? Nope, something big and flashy. Quiet life together? Ha! That was the biggest joke of all. 

He had all those things. He got the big job in the big city and lived his big life. But now he’s in my small town. He’s eating at my favorite places and making space for himself within my group of friends. He’s infiltrating my world. 

But he’s not getting back inside my heart.


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