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This audiobook is digitally narrated, not narrated by a human.


Jaymes Ford has never measured up to his brother. He was always second best as kids, he crashed and burned in SEAL training, and when Jaymes was kidnapped, the woman he loved fell for his brother. 

Kelsea Arnold wants to believe she’s losing her mind, but she can’t shake the feeling of being watched. She’s never seen him, but she can feel him. Watching her. Following her. Wanting her. 

Jaymes has nothing to offer the gorgeous, curvy woman who shows up on his mother’s doorstep trembling. He has no idea if she’s telling the truth or if it’s all in her head. But he knows how it feels to be in her shoes and chooses to protect her, even if it’s only from herself. 

When it’s clear Kelsea is in grave danger, Jaymes vows to keep her safe. He’s finally found someone who makes him feel like he’s the better brother, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.


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