Walk Of FameOne night with a stranger…

Kicking herself for letting her guard down and actually connecting with the sexy man whose name she doesn’t even know, Katherine misses the news that her toxic ex is back, and looking for her. She can’t let him find her, so she doesn’t think, she just runs.

He never thought he’d see her again…

Dillon doesn’t know what to think when his one night stand shows up on his doorstep. He starts to turn her away, but the terrified look in her eyes triggers all his protective instincts, and he knows he can’t let her leave.

Time is against them…

Dillon and Katherine grow closer every day. As her real life calls, they both know what’s happening won’t last, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting it to.

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Excerpt from Walk Of Fame

Dillon was tired. It had been a long day working the fields of his family’s, now partly his, vineyard, Amavita Estates. All he wanted to do was take a hot shower and crash.

Dillon allowed his gaze to travel over the fields he’d just left as he headed toward his home on the edge of the property. His cousins worked hard and they were doing well, but Dillon loved getting his hands dirty. As acting CEO, he no longer needed to work in the heat of the summer, but he loved it once in a while. And that morning he’d been feeling restless. He had to get outside, get his hands dirty.

As Dillon rounded the corner toward his house he groaned. On his front porch was a woman. He didn’t think he could give a woman what she needed after his long day, but he also only liked his women around when he asked them to be. He didn’t do well with drop-ins.

Dillon drove closer, his electric cart silent and unnoticed by her, and examined the firm backside covered in stylish jeans as she bent low to look in the front windows. Her heavy breasts swung free when she leaned over and his cock twitched in his shorts despite his exhaustion. She had long hair the color of the dirt Dillon was covered in and he wondered why the color was so sexy on her but not on anyone else.

A few more seconds and he was within speaking distance of her, but he found himself inexplicably mute. He tried to place those hips, the gentle sway of her seductive ass, the breasts that were teasing him, and the hair that he wanted spread over his pillow, but he couldn’t figure out who she was.

If she was one of his former flings he was pretty sure he would go for round two. But first he had to figure out who she was.

Dillon cleared his throat and the woman jumped. She spun around and faced him, her brilliant green eyes rendered him speechless as quickly as her hips and breasts had done before he looked into her eyes. She had eyes that reminded him of the cat his mother took in after finding it in the field one day, eyes that betrayed all her emotions and hid her true secrets.

Son of a bitch.

It was her. The woman he’d spent the night with two days ago. The same one he hadn’t been able to get out of his head.

And she was looking down at him, hands on hips, like gum on the bottom of her expensive looking boot.

“I need a room. Your service is less than impressive.”

Her attitude snapped him out of his trance and he mirrored her stance. “Well, since this isn’t a hotel, I guess the service should suck.”