Order vs. Chaos

Paradise is not like I remembered…

My curvy, sexy new boss has a chip on her shoulder the size of The Big Island.

And it’s all because of me. Although I have no idea why. She couldn’t be pissed because I checked her out the first time we met. She’s hot, and I like to look. But I won’t touch. She is my boss.

I spend my days trying to convince her she won’t regret hiring me, and my nights trying to forget my past.

And I’m failing at both. Kiana threatens to fire me before our first wedding. But I’m not leaving Hawaii. I lived through hell, and have the flashbacks to prove it. I’m staying put. No matter what she throws at me.

Even if it’s my worst nightmare come to life.

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Excerpt from Order vs. Chaos

Kiana nodded and went down the hall to my room. I watched with avid interest as her curvy bottom disappeared then a surfboard reappeared coming at me. She didn’t even look at me as she carried the board out the back door. She propped it against the side of the lanai and reached for the edge of her tank top.

Sweet baby Jesus.

Her top came off in a flourish, letting her hair fall around her like a model with fans blowing on her. I was too mesmerized by the way she looked, the ocean framing her and the lush green palms to the right, to notice she was staring at me.

“What?” she demanded.

Shit, she had an attitude. At least, when it came to me. Damn if that didn’t make her even hotter.

I shook my head and turned toward the kitchen, glancing back only once to catch her in a sunflower yellow one piece she trotted toward the ocean.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was your sister?” I asked Kapena.

He shrugged. “How was I supposed to know you didn’t know that?”

“Is there a reason she hates me?”

Kapena laughed. “Lots, my friend. Lots.”