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Books are shown in order they were written. The first book is the first in the series, then the next. The newest release in the series is the last book listed. Click the book cover to read the blurb and sneak peak of any book or the series title to read about the whole series. If you have no idea what to read first, click here to figure out what books will become your new favorites! Or go here to download a free reading list of all my books that will be published through the end of the year.

Opposites Attract series

Order vs. Chaos
Better vs. Worse

Raise A Glass series

Love The <em>Wine</em> You're With
<em>Never</em> A Bridesmaid, <em>Always</em> A Bride
Love At First <em>Fight</em>
Everything She Never Wanted
Too True To Be Good
Walk Of <em>Fame</em>
Fake It Till You <em>Break</em> It

Big & Beautiful series

Chubby & Charming
Lush & Lovely
Shapely & Stunning
Bulky & Beauteous
Fat & Fine
Husky & Hot
Fluffy & Fabulous
Round & Ravishing
Curvaceous & Captivating
Stock & Sumptuous
Ample & Alluring

Paradise Park series

Playing By The Rules
Back In The Game
Stuck On The Sidelines
Change On The Fly
In The Dirt
Nothing But Net
Icing The Kicker

Better In Bed series

Wait For It
Work For It
Fight For It
Play For It
Go For It
Wish For It
Drink For It

Love On Deck series

In Front Of Me
Breathing For The First Time
Learning To Love

Standalone Novels

Finding Home

Boxed Sets

Big & Beautiful Boxed Set 1
Big & Beautiful Boxed Set 2
Big & Beautiful Boxed Set 3