Introducing Fake It Till You Break It

With every new story, I fall in love all over again. This is one of those stories I have been excited to write for so long! Kristen is one of those characters that I just love. That I cheer for and want to see happy.

Zane is her counterpart. He’s that wounded soul that you know buries himself under a mask of who he wants you to think he is.

I can see this story being a new favorite of mine. Hopefully you feel the same way!

I don’t have a preorder ready for this yet. I’m hoping to have it done and released the end of June, but I have another project (that I’ll talk more about next week) to finish before I can work on this one. It’s coming though!

Excerpt from Fake It Till You Break It

”Come on, Kristen. You know we’d be good together. We should just go out and bump uglies.”

Kristen scoffed at him. She whirled on her heel and got right in his face. She could see the humor in his eyes. He was trying to piss her off, get a reaction out of her. It pissed her off that she was rising to his taunts. Then again, that’s exactly what their relationship was. He made her mad and she told him off.

It was the only way she could survive him.

She tilted her head to the side and grinned up at him, trying not to be affected by the light in his eyes. She let her own eyes spark before she put him in his place. “There is nothing ugly about my vagina.”

Zane laughed, loud and deep. He rested his hand on his flat stomach, drawing Kristen’s eyes to his tight muscles. Her eyes drifted from there down, following the vee his muscles created until they disappeared beneath his neon green swim trunks, still wet and clinging to his body.

There was definitely a bulge in his shorts, a sure sign of a sizable cock. Staying celibate was testing Kristen’s resolve. She licked her lips unconsciously and heard him snicker.

Her eyes snapped back up to his. He was watching her, a smirk on his face. “See something you want?”

Kristen rolled her eyes and huffed before she spun and walked away. Her face heated because he was totally right. She wanted him. It was getting harder and harder to resist him. He was sneaking in past her defenses when she wasn’t paying attention and she’d actually come to like him.

Which meant she was in big trouble.

“How about we bump pretties then?” he shouted after her.

She couldn’t help the grin that split her face. Kristen shook her head, knowing he was watching her. It didn’t matter what he did or what he said, he was definitely getting to her. She wanted to turn back and jump into his arms and do exactly what he was suggesting, but she couldn’t. She promised herself she would stay away from men for the summer.

Besides, Zane was only interested in sex.

Kristen had enough of sex with no emotion. So much that she was fairly certain she broke something. Certainly not her heart. Maybe her spirit?

Her mom was wrong. Or maybe just Kristen was. She couldn’t fake it any more. She never made it, she just broke it.

Putting Myself In Books

A lot of advice for early writers is write what you know. Obviously we hope authors like Stephen King aren’t writing from personal experience, but I think it’s much deeper than the story that a writer connects to.

For me, there are a lot of characters I’ve written that I felt I had very little in common with the situations they were in. But every character has a little bit of me in them.

I’m not going to list all the ways I’m like my characters, but I will tell you how I came up with some of them.

Names are important to me. I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of a person’s name. Is it a family name, or that of someone important to the parents? Is it a name the person loves or hates? Does the person go by a nickname? Who chose that nickname? All those things fit into defining a character.

For me, I was named after two saints. My family is Catholic and when I was adopted, my parents named me for two saints. It has defined me in some ways, and I know the names of my characters define them.

Appearance is another big one. Most of my women are overweight women. They’re characters I can relate to because I’m not a small woman and never have been. I couldn’t find a lot of stories about women I could relate to, so I started writing them. Now it’s more popular to have characters of different sizes, but these are the women I relate to, so I’ll keep writing about them!

Little things like religion and music tastes and families are all factors I take from my personal life. I’m Catholic, like many of my characters. I listen to country music (hello Kate Maddox). I have a brother and a sister so I understand what it’s like to have both and can relate. I do struggle writing only children, but between friends and other family, I’ve gotten a good picture of what that’s like. But most of my characters are similar to me in more ways than one.

Writing people that I share no similarities with is tough. That’s not to say I’ll never write characters that aren’t like me, just that it’s more of a struggle. Opposites Attract has been more of a challenge than I expected because I’m exclusively in the head of the men. Boy, are they hard to figure out! But I’m enjoying the challenge. I’ve been to Hawaii, but it’s been a long time. So I’m doing a lot of research about the area, the language, and the culture. It’s all new to me, but I’m loving it. It’s definitely making me anxious to go back!

One day I’ll get back there, and then maybe I can write more stories about Hawaii. It’ll feel like it’s a part of me again!

What parts of you would you incorporate into a character?

Walk Of Fame, feeling flirty

I love scenes that show a fun side to characters. One making the other a little crazy. One saying something to get under the other’s skin. I’ve always been a big fan of romantic comedy, so the funny scenes always get to me. And who doesn’t like making a man cringe, just a little!

Walk Of FameExcerpt from Walk Of Fame

“I can’t take you in there looking like this. Every man in the county will be trying to take you home.”

“I’m coming back here with you, Dillon. No one else.”

“Hell, it doesn’t even have to do with that. Are you wearing underwear?”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“This isn’t that fancy of a party. I think you’ll be uncomfortable.”

Katherine took a deep breath and had to admit he was a little right. Just walking out of the bedroom had her slightly on edge. If it was just her and Dillon, maybe. But knowing how many other people would be there… She needed to dial back the Kate Maddox and be more Katherine Price.

“You’re right,” she confessed. “I always feel uncomfortable in this dress.”

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s a hell of a dress. But I can’t walk in there with you looking like that.”

Katherine grinned at the heated look in his eyes then went to change into the other dress she packed.

In ten minutes, she was back in the living room in a handkerchief dress that hugged her top half and flared out on the bottom. The greens, blues, and purples swirled artistically and hid all the parts of her figure she didn’t like. The high neck and capped sleeves helped add to the modesty of the dress, until you looked closely and realized the top layer of the dress was sheer.

“Do you own anything that doesn’t make me want to strip you naked and skip the party?”

Katherine grinned. “I’m not sure. I was wearing jeans when we met.”

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Ten Romantic Gestures to Spice up your Weekend

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Most people will celebrate a little early, especially since Valentine’s Day also falls on Ash Wednesday for Catholics like me. It’s also a Wednesday, which isn’t always conducive to a night out.

Valentine’s Day might be a contrived holiday, but it’s also a chance to show the person you love how you feel about him or her. Flowers and candy are nice, but there are so many other things you can do to bring some spice to your weekend. Have fun!

  1. Wear something sexy. I know, it’s been done. But how often do you drag out the lingerie or wear something a little nicer, a little sexier, for your other half? I know I rarely do. Usually I’m in my yoga pants and a t-shirt and my comfy cotton undies. There’s nothing inherently sexy about my clothes, but they’re comfortable. If I’m trying to bring in a little romance, changing things up always gets his attention!
  2. Go dancing. Or stay in and dance. My hubby is not a dancer. It took some convincing to get him to dance at our wedding. He is very self-conscious about dancing, so we don’t dance much. But we can put on some music and dance around the apartment after the kids are sleeping.
  3. Get him something special. I asked for suggestions on Facebook a few days ago. There were a lot of great ideas, and what I loved was they were real. Little things that we could do or I could get for him. It doesn’t have to be big in order to be special, and I was reminded of that a few days ago.
  4. Act out a scene from a book. You guys know what I write. Maybe it’ll be a little inspiration!
  5. Leave him a note somewhere you know he’ll see it. I get up with my hubby every morning and help him out by making him a sandwich while he cooks his breakfast. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to start putting a note in his bag some days. I know he’ll smile when he reads it.
  6. Say I love you. It’s simple, but do you say it? If you do, get his attention and say it when you’re looking into his eyes. If you don’t say it regularly, still get his attention and tell him honestly. Remember the first time you told each other? It’ll still have an impact. Along the same lines, tell him something you love about him. He’d love to hear it.
  7. Cook him a nice dinner and offer yourself as dessert. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that suggestion! You know what to do! If not, go back to #4.
  8. Do something neither of you have ever done before. There are tons of date ideas all over Pinterest. Look up some ideas and do something new. There are also lots of free date ideas if the budget is a concern (and let’s face it, it always is).
  9. Do something you know he enjoys. We all have different tastes. Has he asked you to go to a movie that you’re really not into? Or maybe he wants to tell you all about something he’s excited about. Whatever it is, give him a chance to share something that he likes. It will bring you closer.
  10. Make him a playlist. Do you remember when people used to make mixed tapes for the one they had a crush on? Maybe that’s just me, but I certainly made a couple and had a few made for me. It was nice to hear the songs the person thought of when they thought of me. You can still do that. We were in the car last night and Devin Dawson’s All On Me was playing. My nine year old sang along with it, but at the end she asked if that’s how daddy was with me. If I could put everything on him if I needed it. Even though he doesn’t like country, it would be one of the many songs I’d put on a playlist for him. (If you don’t know the song, you can listen to it here.)

Hopefully you can take at least one of these ideas and have a fun weekend! If not this weekend, do it next. There’s never a bad time for romance!

Do you have any tips to share?

Walk Of Fame, release day

Walk Of FameIt’s always exciting for me to share a release with you. When I first thought about writing this series, Walk Of Fame was one of the first books I had in my mind. I loved the idea of a country star who ended up at Amavita Estates and fell in love with one of the cousins.

Katherine was a character I fell in love with immediately. She needed someone who would take care of her and let her be independent. Dillon (whose name was originally going to be Jackson, but I had too many J names) was the man for the job!

Excerpt from Walk Of Fame

The crowd moved on without her, and those girls, women really, left, too. She couldn’t explain why she felt possessive of him when she heard them talking about the hot guy at the pinot station. They obviously went on the tour already and made a second trip so they could see him. Katherine made sure they overheard her comment about being at his house the night before for dinner.

Yeah, she had her own jealous side.

“I thought you’d want to hang around my brother. He’s probably closer to your age.”

Katherine grinned at Dillon and shrugged. “I’d guess, but I’ve always had a thing for older men. Especially older men who know how to make a woman feel good.”

Dillon stepped closer to her, turning his body so they were in perfect alignment. “How do you know my brother can’t take care of a woman?”

She cocked an eyebrow at him. “Are you trying to get me to go with him? Because I don’t tend to stay where I’m not wanted.”

She moved to go around him and was rewarded by a large hand low on her belly. His bicep rested against her breast, his side pressed against hers. He shifted, barely enough to make a difference, but it put his lips in contact with the shell of her ear.

“He wasn’t in that hotel room when you screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors. That was all me, honey.”

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