Too True To Be GoodThanksgiving is coming up quickly, too quickly I think. It’s hard to believe we’ve now completely skipped over thanksgiving in the US and move on to Christmas once Halloween is over.

I love thanksgiving. It’s a chance to slow down, and a time to be together as a family without having the stress of presents. I love giving gifts, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of stress that goes along with it. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we don’t have to worry about anything except how stretch our pants are and how much pie we can eat before we feel sick.

It’s kind of a great day. Especially since there’s also football.

I talked a few weeks ago about some of the things I’m thankful for. You guys know I’m always thankful for a first kiss. That moment when you wonder if it’s going to happen. That moment where everything seems to stand still. That moment where everything is right and perfect and amazing.

I love creating those moments over and over again. I hope you enjoy the latest one!

Excerpt from Too True To Be Good

She said she didn’t want him. That he wasn’t her type, or her fantasy. That she was going home and didn’t want to get involved.

But he didn’t fucking care.

He wanted her enough for both of them.

He meant what he said. She needed to relax, to enjoy things a bit. To let someone take care of her for once.

No, he wasn’t the man for the job, but he could show her what it was like to be kissed like you were the only thing that mattered. Because in that moment, she was.

Zach traced the seam of her lips with his tongue and groaned when she opened immediately for him. His fingers dove for her hair, angling her head the way he wanted it. She gave him a needy whimper, one that had him hardening beneath the fly of his jeans. He only intended to kiss her, but if she kept making noises like that, he wasn’t going to be responsible for what he did.

Gianna’s hands eased up his chest, toying with him. Her delicate touch was in direct contrast to the hard way he kissed her. Maybe she was giving him a signal, telling him to slow it down.

She pinched his nipple. Hard. He liked that signal.

His tongue glided alongside hers, getting to know her. She tasted like his wine and his food. He wanted her to taste like him. He groaned at the thought of his come on her tongue.

Jesus, he was like a teenager.

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