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My guest author for today wasn’t able to provide a post, but it works out for me because I wanted to share something with you!

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But it is Five On Friday, so I wanted to share a few things about the Big & Beautiful series that you might not know!

  1. I wrote the first eight books out of order. Plump & Pretty was actually the fourth book I wrote, even though it falls sixth in the series. Shapely & Stunning was eighth. The first book I wrote was Chubby & Charming though.
  2. I had no idea Tara and Olivia knew each other until I wrote the epilogue for Puffy & Precious. On top of that, I didn’t know why they weren’t friends anymore until I wrote about it in Round & Ravishing.
  3. When I first envisioned Abby, she was a skinny woman, and she was not going to end up as one of the friends with a book. By the time I revised Fluffy & Fabulous, I liked Abby enough that I wanted to give her a story of her own.
  4. I didn’t know Olivia’s full story until I started writing Curvaceous & Captivating. I knew she was divorced, but I wasn’t sure why her ex left.
  5. My two favorite couples have been Carrie and Drew, from Husky & Hot, and Olivia and Ethan, from Curvaceous & Captivating. They were the two that extracted the most emotion for me.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, Chubby & Charming is free everywhere! And don’t forget to enter the contest to win one of two copies of Plump & Pretty, plus over 55 books from other steamy, small town contemporary authors.

I’m still celebrating release week today. Stop by and say hi to me and Ann Everett!

Have a great Friday!

Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, reviews

The reviews for Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride are starting to come in, and I gotta say, you guys are awesome! I wanted to share one of the reviews with you today, you know… just in case you’re still on the fence!

From Lupita…

Just finished reading [Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride] and have to say I really, really, really enjoyed this book!!!!! I mean Jake……SWOON 😍😍. Alyssa was one lucky girl to have that kind of long lasting love. Loved Tina also…..who wouldn’t love a nonna like her……quick witted and sassy, great combination. Don’t want to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t read it but just had to say Mary E Thompson you really know how to capture an audience and keep it interesting. Did I mention how much I REALLY enjoyed this book 

How’s that for shining adoration! Lupita, you’re awesome!

If you haven’t picked up Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, grab it now!

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Shapely & StunningIf you haven’t heard… Shapely & Stunning is on sale this week! Book three in the Big & Beautiful series is only $0.99 right now! Only until Monday though, so don’t miss your chance to grab it now!

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Shapely & Stunning, So Sweet

Shapely & StunningMike and Lexi have a passionate relationship. When Lexi breaks up with Mike he isn’t willing to accept that, but Lexi is holding strong. Until Mike shows up and banishes all thoughts of other men.

Excerpt from Shapely & Stunning

“God, Lexi, I don’t know if I can stop.”

“Then don’t,” I told him, looking deep in his eyes. I knew what he was talking about. He hadn’t put on a condom. We’d always been safe. We’d always made sure there was no risk of anything. But I trusted him. I knew we were both okay and I knew I didn’t want to have anything between us.

“Are you sure, Lex? I’m clean. There’s been no one since you. Since our first time.”

I nodded. “Me too, Mike. I’m on the pill and I’m good. Luke just kissed me, we didn’t sleep together.”

Mike looked at me, his eyes showing a hint of disappointment. He closed his eyes and it cleared when his eyes met mine again.

“I’m going to make you forget every second his lips were pressed to yours. I want you to only remember the feel of my lips on you.” He kissed my neck. “My tongue on you.” He licked my ear. “My cock inside you.” He thrust his hips against mine. I moaned and clenched down around him.

His jaw ticked.

“Did he make you feel as good as I do, Lexi? Could you imagine him touching you? Did you want him to?”

“I wanted to forget about you,” I confessed. “I wanted to hurt less.”

Mike rested his forehead to mine. “You’re never going to want to forget me again, baby. You’re only going to want more of me. I’ve been miserable without you. I don’t want to feel that way again. Just you, Lexi. I just wanted you.”

Shapely & Stunning Release Day

logo book hooks

I’m trying something new this week! MFRW Book Hooks let you meet new authors and find some great reads. Thanks for checking in today and enjoy a peak at my newest release, Shapely & Stunning, out now!

This excerpt is for 18+ please. If you are not over 18, please hop on over to a different blog!

BB 3 Cover 1 SmallI wasn’t sure I was going to make it to this day! Shapely & Stunning teased me from the very beginning. When I first decided to write the Big & Beautiful series I decided to write each book as it came to me. Shapely & Stunning was the last one I wrote! I couldn’t get the story, even though I knew Mike and Lexi were friends with benefits who worked together.

Once the story finally came together it absolutely flowed out of me. I wrote it quickly and loved the story. Mike has a passion for Lexi that he couldn’t put aside, but Lexi had a lot of past hurts that she just couldn’t get past. When the two of them finally got their stuff together there were fireworks, in a good way!

Shapely & Stunning is available everywhere today so pick up your copy!

Excerpt from Shapely & Stunning

Mike glanced back again then closed the door and flipped the lock. He stalked over to me, my pulse speeding up with each determined step of his. When he reached me he didn’t pause or hesitate, he just wrapped his arm around my back and drew me close to him, sealing his lips to mine, all in one fluid movement.

His lips held mine for a moment, a soft, gentle kiss that did nothing but get me going. When I felt the soft pressure of his tongue against my lips I opened for him without a thought. He kept me locked against his side, his other hand coming up to cup my cheek. I sighed with pure contentment and slid my tongue against his a bit more aggressively. I was ready for a release already, needing to feel him.

My hands ran up his chest, pausing to circle his nipples before continuing up to his shoulders. They ran over the muscles bunched there then headed up to his neck. I threaded my fingers through his short hair and knocked his hard hat off as I kept moving up. My fingers tunneled through his hair, making it stand on end. I loved the look of him disheveled and full of lust so I pulled back to see it.

I smirked at the heavy lidded look he gave me and he quirked an eyebrow at me. “It appears, Ms. Mack, that you believe you’ve gotten the best of me.”

“I do love it when I can mess up your perfect exterior.”

He nuzzled against my neck, sucking open mouthed kisses on my skin. My held fell back to give him better access and he smiled against my throat. “I can’t wait to mess up your perfect interior, Ms. Mack.”

Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, and Kobo!

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Shapely & Stunning, First Kiss

BB 3 Cover 1 SmallOf all the books in the Big & Beautiful series, this was the most challenging. I knew Lexi and Mike were lovers before the book started, but that was all I knew. Even though it comes as book three in the series, it was the last one I wrote because I couldn’t figure out the story.

But, once I did, the book poured out of me. I loved Shapely & Stunning! It might be my favorite book that I’ve ever written.

In one week you can read Shapely & Stunning, but right now you can preorder it, and get a little preview of Lexi and Mike. I think you’ll like them.

Excerpt from Shapely & Stunning

Mike and I stood there staring at each other until the rumble of Luke’s truck faded in the distance. We were alone.

“What are you doing here?” I asked the same time Mike said, “What the fuck were you doing with him?”

I sighed heavily. “You don’t get to ask me that Mike. We’re over.”

“The fuck we are, Lexi. Dammit, I told you I wasn’t letting you go that easily.”

“You didn’t look like you were fighting when Yvonne was sitting on your lap the other day,” I spat, knowing as soon as the words were out that I sounded like a jealous ex.

Mike ground his jaw some more. I started to worry he was going to actually crack a tooth. “She fell on me. She’s trying to get me into bed. I told her I wasn’t interested.”

“Well, why would you do that?” I asked innocently. “You’re an attractive single guy. You should go for it with-“

Mike’s lips came down on mine so fast I didn’t know what happened. I hadn’t even realized he was close enough to kiss me until his lips were touching mine. Without warning my lips parted and my tongue darted out to find its friends. Mike’s mouth opened and his tongue brushed mine, sending bolts of lightning through my body. I clutched at him as he backed me up into the nearest car. I didn’t know whose it was and frankly I didn’t care. My neighbor’s car was about to get my ass prints on the hood if I really had a say in the matter.

“Inside, now,” Mike growled at me, nipping my lip and thrusting his hips against mine.

“Inside the apartment or inside me?” I asked, the sexual fog making my brain fuzzy.

“Both, Lexi. Now.”

Preorder now from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo!